New Watch && Outfit of the Day!

Okay so I apologize that I could not take official picture of this outfit, so I just had my brother snap a couple quick ones =P . Because I work so often, sometimes me going out and grabbing a bite to eat or shopping is the only time I get to be as fashionable as I'd like. This was my outfit for a trip to the mall :) .

Kardashian Kollection Blazer, Forever 21 Jumpsuit, Steve Madden Nude Pumps, Michael Kors Watch

 But today I fell IN LOVE with this Michael Kors oversized runway watch in gold so I had to purchase it, and I'm so glad I did :)

Let me know what you guys think ! Thanks for reading! TTY Soon

- Demree xOxO


  1. I've been so back and forth about getting a micheal kors watch.. I think I may just break down and do it!! :D Lol.. I know I'll be just as happy once I get it :) Yours is so cute! XOXO


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Micheal Kors I think his sense of style is on point I don't own any of his products but I do like to eye them while I am at the store. And I went to sears last month to see how "reasonable" the Kardashin line was and I seen this blazer and I walked away lol. But it looks very good on you

  3. Hey Hey Hey. I absolutely love the outfit and the watch is priceless, I'd definitely buy it. The all black jumpsuit is simple yet cute and the blazer makes it pop. Jumpsuits and rompers are definitely in and your killing it Oww lol who said skinny girls can't make jumpsuits look good lol my only thing is the clash in overlapping with the watch and the sleeve; if the sleeves were shorter like quarter sleeves or rolled up just a bit it would be all good, but that's just my opinion. <3 it tho

  4. I had the sleeves scrunched throughout the day ! they fell for the picture =P haha