Goodbye Connecticut... Hello.. PHILADELPHIA!

Good Morning ! :)

So if you follow me on twitter or facebook you have seen that I'm moving out to Philadelphia for a whole month! The decision was really sudden and happened really fast for certain reasons LOL, but now that I'm on my way I'm SOO excited to be going there. I'm literally blogging from the train RIGHT NOW hehe =P . I've never been to Philly and my beautiful friend Sharay just got a place of her own, so this was the perfect opportunity for an exciting life change :). Sharay is a youtuber as well so we will be collecting video on my trip as well as doing video blogs ! If I have any subbies in Philly PLEASE DO attempt to find me ! Haha. There will be loads of pictures and videos to come so stay tuned!

haha me ATTEMPTING to look cute on this longgggg train ride 

- Demree xOxO


  1. Definitely seems spontaneous and FUN!!!! Can't wait to see new videos =).

  2. Hello There
    Can wait to see more pix and video Doll !!!!!!
    Hope you Follow 2 and Like Facebook !!!! :>}