The Interior Decorating Begins!

Hello Everyone!
Today I started my huge project of designing and decorating my entire house! I've lived in my apartment since July and haven't bought anything other than furniture (how crazy is that?). Ever since stumbling across Ryan Korban's interior designs online, I've been inspired and motivated to make my house into a home I can be proud of. I'm starting with my bedroom since I already had an amazing bed with tufted headboard to start with.

My Bedroom Inspiration

The first step to my room makeover was painting the walls.
 The actual paint color used in the inspiration room is a beigey-gray color called 
Pavilion Gray by Farrow and Ball but who is going to pay $100 for one
 can of paint!? Not me. So instead, I decided to go to Home Depot and find a similar 
shade. The paint color I ended up choosing was Flagstone by 
Martha Stewart (a little darker but a similar hue) and only $27.99 per gallon.

I also ordered a faux cougar fur throw from PoshPelts to lay across my bed.

For the artwork I decided to blow up a sketch titled Hollywood Glam from one of my favorite fashion designers Hayden Williams. 

I posted this on Instagram and tagged Hayden; imagine how star struck I was when he liked my picture and commented on it!

I also picked up this little guy today from Ross (I named him Simon). Not for my bedroom, probably for my living room table I don't have yet.. LOL!

This past week has been both stressful and rewarding, but I will say I'm very excited for this project that I'm starting. I will do my best to document every step of the way!

Love you,
Demree xO

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